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Construction system STAVSI

A simple modular construction system with the module of thickness of the masonry of 250 mm. It is possible to build any rectangular load-bearing masonry construction from the two types of load-bearing blocks. Using the other two dimensionally related types of blocks, one can build any rectangular partition masonry. Blocks are made from natural lightweight concrete – Liaporbeton – whose main part is a natural ceramic material. During the construction process, the blocks are joined by inserting self-locking vertical connecting bars without adhesives! The connecting bars can be chosen from four materials according to the purpose and the resulting construction work (wood, reinforced concrete, reinforced pressed rubber or bent steel plate).
Reasons to appreciate STAVSI
Static and dynamic resistance (also for areas affected by earthquakes), high strength, flame resistance and long-life service. Excellent heat accumulation.  Resistance to climate change. Excellent ability to dampen sound. Pleasant microclimate as in brick houses, generated by the natural ceramic materiál.

Competitive advantages of STAVSI

Fast, accurate, simple installation thanks to the dry technique of the construction. Use of self-locking connecting bars to simplify subsequent construction works. Building without technological time limits.
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Why choose the STAVSI system?

The STAVSI construction system is suitable for those who have minimal experience with construction but still want to build by themselves. STAVSI is ideal for developers and professionals due to the speed and quality of the construction process. Construction of external, load-bearing and partition masonry is done very quickly and accurately using STAVSI. The STAVSI construction system provides a maximum utility area while keeping the built-up area to a minimum. Thanks to ceramic additives, constructions are ecological and healthy with a pleasant microclimate and favorable moisture parameters. The materials used in STAVSI walls do not contain any chemical stabilizers or fillers, and therefore there is no emission of harmful chemicals into the internal space. The accuracy and speed of construction, the absence of wet processes, the elimination of additional work and the above-mentioned facts reduce substantially the cost of the implementation and operation of STAVSI houses.
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Why are STAVSI constructions unique?
STAVSI constructions can be completed in a short time and for a guaranteed price. STAVSI constructions are ready for use immediately after the handover to the owner without the need for drying or disposal of mold. Quality insulation in combination with the accumulative characteristics of the STAVSI system ensure warm thermal comfort in the winter and help maintain a reasonable internal temperature in the summer. STAVSI constructions are built at the same speed as wooden houses but in the quality of masonry constructions and the durability of concrete constructions. The accurate, fast and dry STAVSI system guarantees smooth construction and a subsequent effortless operation with a high utility-to-price ratio. The universal structure of the STAVSI system provides customers with the option to design their own buildings according to their dreams while considering the financial expectations of the clients.