If you are thinking of building a house, garage or any other project and you are looking for a suitable material for the construction, then you are at the right website. STAVSI is a quality alternative to conventional masonry or wooden houses. We offer a system of dry masonry with a lot of advantages – mainly endurance, speed and simplicity – a system that will save your time and money on the entire construction.

A client is not just a shopper for us. We offer an individual approach and consultation from the clarification of ideas of housing and project to the actual implementation. At the same time we are thinking about the possibility of reducing the costs by choosing next suitable construction techniques as follow-up on the STAVSI rough construction. 

consultation and advice in the preparation phase

free calculation of material consumption

placing plan in detail for each row

free consultation and training on the construction

supply of ceiling panels without the need of blinding reinforcement

project documentation processing

help with obtaining a building permit

statics services

rough construction in selected locations