The global trend in all fields of activity is the simplification, reduction of the cost of acquisition and operation, reducing the burden on the environment and accelerating with the maximum use of modularity and composition. The principle of dry walling meets all the listed requirements, it simplifies and accelerates the whole construction, because the construction is just mounted and it reduces the burden on the environment. The principle is to store the blocks without the use of any adhesives or fasteners sealants on the loading joints. Systems of dry masonry use for storage of blocks other ancillary elements enabling a simple mounting of the entire construction. Dry walling puts minimal requirements on the equipment of the construction site and greatly simplifies and shortens the construction of the rough construction.

In case of STAVSI it is about joining the blocks by vertical connecting bars into self-locking grooves. Connecting bars anchoring the concrete block exceeds always to the lower and upper rows of blocks. This creates an effective interconnection of the blocks within the walls. The walls made of such connected blocks show a high degree of static and dynamic resistance. Hand in hand there is a requirement for the rough construction in order to prepare the conditions for acceleration and simplification of other construction techniques such as network engineering, wall surfaces etc.


Dry process

Simplicity – even for nonqualified person

Speed – hand tools only

Final price regarding pieces

Recycling and other usage

No cuts

No technological limits