STAVSI is a modular system of dry construction. Price always corresponds to the number of components use of the system in each particular construction. In the tables below is listed the price of individual parts and comparison with other building materials. Thanks to the advantages of STAVSI the total price of the total fabric is significantly lower, in the example of house below 140 ths.CZK cheaper and up to 50% faster. We provide individual quantity discounts to our customers. From the supplied documents (project or just a sketch by hand with dimensions) we prepare each client a customized offer. Send your documents to .

The average realized price per 1 m² of the load-bearing masonry is about 1200,00 CZK without VAT and partitions about 820,00 CZK without VAT. On average, 1 m²  of the load-bearing and surrounding walls or partitions contains 10 blocks (L20 or L40), 3,5 of inner rubber bars (G40) and 33 of external connecting bars (B40 and D40).

STAVSI is listed in ÚRS database. 

comparison STAVSI
STAVSI price list
STAVSI price list 2
Note: sale of blocks for pallets; the pallet has 35pcs of blocks L20 (L22) and 5pcs of blocks L11 (L12), 65pcs of blocks L40 (L42) and 5pcs of blocks L30 (L32).


Individual parts STAVSI are shipped from the manufacturing facilities of contracted manufacturers wrapped on wooden shipping pallets and is governed by the business-technical conditions of the individual contracted manufacturers.

The layout of the bearing blocks STAVSI on a pallet: 7 pieces of L20 (L22) and 1 piece of L10 (L12) in each row. 5 rows on the pallet. The height of the material on the pallet is 100 cm, the weight of pallet with blocks P6 (6 MPa) is approximately 870 kg, the weight of pallet with blocks P12 (12 MPa) is approximately 1280 kg.

The layout of partition blocks STAVSI on a pallet: 13 pieces L40 (L42) and 1 piece of L30 (32) in each row. 5 rows on the pallet. The height of the material on the pallet is 100 cm, the weight of pallet with blocks P6 (6 MPa) is about 780 kg, the weight of pallet with blocks P12 (12 MPa) is about 1150 kg.

The price of the returnable pallets of blocks and reinforced concrete bars 120 x 80 cm is 235 CZK without VAT, 284,35 CZK with 21% VAT. The return of the pallets is possible at contracted manufacturers of products STAVSI, within the framework of their applicable commercial terms, or, by agreement, to the company STAVSI, s. r. o., or in any pallets ransom , where the pallets are bought.

Pallets of rubber and wooden connecting bars are disposable and not returnable. The price of these pallets is 50 CZK without VAT, 60,50 CZK 21% VAT.

The transport according to the agreement within price offer can provide the seller or it may provide the buyer, on its own responsibility and cost. The cost of transport set the seller according to the distance and quantity of products STAVSI transported.

Responsibility for any defects of products shall be settled in accordance with the applicable Czech law. Any colour differences, and lime efflorescence on the blocks and/or minor mechanical damage of STAVSI products, which have not a significant effect on their function and characteristics are not considered as a product defect.

The obvious and observable defects on the products is the buyer obliged to apply immediately upon delivery of the products and to indicate in writing on the delivery or shipping certificate. Other defects not later than within three days after receipt of the products. The buyer is entitled to assert claims from liability for defects of the goods only by written notice delivered to STAVSI, s. r. o., and may exercise claims only of unprocessed products in the construction. In the opposite case, the seller accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the influence of the incorporation of the products with evident defect into the construction.

Delivery of STAVSI products to the buyer will take place on the date specified in the order confirmation by the seller, usually within 30 working, at the latest within 60 working days from the next day, when there was the advance of the material credited on the account of the seller, if not with the buyer, respectively, the carrier agreed otherwise. The seller is not bound to comply with the agreed date of delivery of the STAVSI products of reasons:

– higher power

– technological, production or transport problems on the part of the contracted manufacturers of STAVSI products.

The delivery of the products means the transfer of agreed quantities of the products to the buyer and its acceptance by the buyer, which the buyer shall confirm in writing to the delivery or dispatch sheet, either in the place of a negotiated imports of the products by the carrier of the seller, or at the place of loading of the products by the carrier contracted by the buyer and it must in that case be the carrier or the buyer’s agent equipped with a power of attorney from the buyer to the receipt of the STAVSI products.

In the case of products delivery by the carrier of the seller, the buyer is obliged to provide in time and at the place of delivery adequate handling equipment suitable for the smooth and immediate composition of the products of the carrier‘s car and the person entitled to the products receipt. Otherwise, all additional costs are to the debit of the buyer, who is obliged to, without delay, pay it on the spot.

In the case of buyer’s delay in taking over products, the seller shall be entitled to the buyer to request a contractual penalty in the amount of 1% of the value of the purchase price for each day of delay. If the buyer does not accept the ordered products even after 15 calendar days from the original delivery date, it is considered that the contract was violated in a substantial manner and in such a case, the seller is entitled to the buyer to request a contractual penalty in the amount corresponding to 50% of the value of the purchase price of the subject products.

The transition of the risk of damage including incidental losses on the products of the STAVSI system passes to the buyer upon takeover of the products or at the moment when the buyer is in delay with taking-over of products, or upon takeover of the products by the carrier contracted by the buyer.

Technical parameters

The technical data quoted in prospectuses and in the Price list are taken as average values. Data on the consumption and the quantity of products in the individual offers and other documents are based on average indicators in the construction industry with regard to the principles of dry masonry.

​Ing. Hynek Siedek