Work with the system is easy and intuitive, does not require special qualifications and skills and the principle of blocks laying and connecting them can handle everybody within a few minutes. Whole work needs only common hand tools. The system consists of 4 types of blocks (2 for load-bearing masonry and 2 for the partitions) and 2 types of connecting bars.


Labour productivity is more than double compared to conventional construction systems. Separately one worker builds on average of 2,5 of masonry per hour. The STAVSI rough construction of a family house literally grows up in a few days. The whole construction can be implemented within a few months.  


The technology of connecting blocks by vertical bars keeps the flatness, right angles, and the designed dimensions of the constructed walls. No need to constantly check and measure the construction. STAVSI is a kit, therefore there are no cut blocks. Thanks to this, costs are reduced and the construction site is not loaded with construction waste that would have to be disposed.


The construction with our technology does not require wet processes, and thus is not constrained by compliance with technological limits. On the site may not be water or electricity and may not be equipped with the machinery necessary for wet processes. The building after completion may not be intensively dried out and the builder will save considerable costs that would be issued for heating.


The construction of the dry masonry is not limited to any weather conditions and that significantly spped ud rough construction. Of course, wodden connecting bars should not be exposed to water.


The simplicity of the system, accuracy of construction, dry walling and high labour productivity save much of your time. And remember that time is money.


The vertical bars in conjunction with the blocks consists of reinforced masonry, which constitutes a rigid and sturdy construction of the walls with great resistance to the occurrence of cracks caused by strain of construction. The system generates a dissipative structure with the ability to dissipate deformation energy into the space of the whole building, so it is ideal even in areas with the occurrence of the earthquake.


Thanks to the accuracy of the system parts as windows, doors or roofing can be produced in advance and can be immediately after the completion of the rough construction smoothly mounted. The connecting groove and the connecting bars may also have other additional features: bars can be used as a grate for the mount plates instead of the internal plaster or double-shell facades, grooves can lead the distribution utilities. 


Construction system is environmentally friendly and supports the modern principles of sustainable construction. It supports the quality of air inside buildings, it helps to eliminate unwanted noise outside and inside the buildings, with normal contact or non-contact insulation fully complies with the requirements on low-energy buildings. In the event of liquidation of the construction it can be dismantle and most of the parts reused or recycled.


With every client we go through the building even without an existing project from his imagination to realizable form and prepare calculation of the consumption of the material, including an adequate price offer. Client receives the laying manual with the detailed location of all parts in the individual lines of the building (a detailed documentation of the construction of the walls). We train workers of construction companies and builders of self-help.